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Agassiz Village Mentorship Program (AVMP)

Agassiz Village is looking for enthusiastic mentors who want to make an impact in a young person's life this fall! 

What is the Agassiz Village Mentor Program?

Agassiz Village's Mentor Program is our pilot 8-week mentorship program that seeks to match each child we serve with a mentor. These mentors are recruited and screened by our staff, and then chosen specifically as a match for your child! Our mentorship program looks to support and empower your child to flourish in their current lives and through this pandemic. Through virtual meet-ups, games, goal-setting activities, group events and more, our mentors are here to help your child achieve personal goals, contribute positively in their schools and communities, and have the confidence to stand up as a positive young leader in today’s society.

Why should you enroll your child as a mentee?

Mentorship is proven to be integral in positive youth development. Research shows that quality mentoring greatly enhances a child’s chances of success. The knowledge and skills children are able to learn from mentors is invaluable, and forming this relationship will provide your child with quality socialization and personal support to aid growth and achieve goals. Most of us have had someone in our lives such as a teacher, supervisor, coach, or friend who has been a mentor to us and have made a positive impact in our lives. These people have worn many hats, including delegators, role models, cheerleaders, policy enforcers, advocates and friends.


Agassiz Village Mentors want to provide every child we serve the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a mentor in order to help them reach their full potential!

What will the Mentee-Mentor relationship look like?

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Each child that enrolls as a mentee in our program will be matched with a mentor that is recruited, interviewed, and vetted by Agassiz Village. Each match is important to us. The Agassiz Village Mentors team will seek to find a mentor that closely matches the needs and interests of your child in order to ensure the development of a strong and lasting relationship.


The mentoring relationship will last for 8 weeks, with a meeting occurring at least once a week each week. Both mentors and mentees should be dedicated to the mentorship relationship and honor the time commitment that must be made, unless there is an unavoidable circumstance. 


Mentors will provide your child with information about their own career and education path, provide guidance, motivation and emotional support, be a positive role model,  help your child set goals, and overall set a positive example.

Benefits for Mentees:

  • Increased high school graduation rates

  • Lower high school dropout rates

  • Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices

  • Better attitude about school

  • Higher college enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations

  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Improved behavior, both at home and at school

  • Stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers

  • Improved interpersonal skills

  • Decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use 

Benefits for Mentors:

  • Increased self-esteem

  • A sense of accomplishment

  • Creation of networks of volunteers

  • Insight into childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood

  • Increased patience and improved supervisory skills

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