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Hosting an Event to Support Agassiz Village

Thank you for your interest in starting your own fundraising event to support Agassiz Village! We are fortunate to have a strong community of supporters who frequently ask what they can do to help and how they can spread the word about AV and our work. Creating your own fundraiser benefitting Agassiz Village is a great way to increase support of AV. Whether you want to plan a comedy show, lemonade stand, car wash, silent auction, or house party, we can offer guidance to make your event successful. 

If you are interested in hosting your own fundraiser to benefit Agassiz Village, please email us at or call 781.860.0200 to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a third-party fundraiser?

Third-party fundraisers are hosted by individuals, groups, or organizations who spend their own time and money to create an event whose proceeds will support Agassiz Village.

Who can create a fundraiser on behalf of Agassiz Village?

Individuals, organizations, and/or groups may host a fundraiser on behalf of AV. These can be alumni, friends and volunteers, school groups...most anyone in the community who is motivated and interested can hold their own Agassiz Village fundraiser. 

How can Agassiz Village help me create my own fundraiser?

We can provide you with the following assistance and resources...

  • Consultation on fundraisers and events

  • Letters of authorization validating the authenticity of the event

  • A website/online form to collect donations (if using our provided donation website/form, we can also provide donors with tax acknowledgement letters)

  • Agassiz Village Logo

  • Coordination of a check presentation 

Unfortunately, some assistance and resources we cannot provide, including...

  • Our sales tax exemption number

  • Insurance or liability coverage

  • Donor mailing lists

  • Agassiz Village letterheads or stationary 

  • Coverage or reimbursement of your expenses

  • Publicity

  • Guaranteed attendance of Agassiz Village personnel 

  • Tax acknowledgement letters for donations not received directly by Agassiz Village

What kind of event should I host?

The possibilities are endless; feel free to get creative! Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • Trivia nights

  • Birthday parties (ask your friends and family to make a contribution to AV in lieu of gifts)

  • Lemonade stands, bake sales, and garage sales are easy ways to fundraise and involve kids

  • Cocktail party (include an auction or raffle)

  • Silent auction nights

Other tips for your fundraiser:

  • Start early! Depending on the kind of event you want to host, start your planning at least a couple months ahead of time. Form a planning committee, choose your event, and create a budget and a timeline to help you stay organized.

  • Make use of social media to promote your fundraiser! 

  • During the event, take lots of photos (& please share them with us).

  • Send thank you notes to your attendees - a little gratitude goes a long way. 

  • If your donors would like to receive a tax acknowledgement letter from Agassiz Village, please make sure they donate directly to the organization. They can do this by writing a check payable to Agassiz Village, sending their donation via EFT to our bank account, or donating via a website/online form we provide you. 

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