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Alumni Spotlight: Rick Glynn

Rick has been a proud member of the Agassiz Village family for over 50 years! From starting as a camper as a young boy, to helping out at annual Agassiz pre-Thanksgiving dinners for 40+ people, to stepping up as the interim Executive Chef last year at camp, Rick has been an active and invaluable member of our community.

He’s also been playing his part in combating this pandemic by directly supporting medical staff members with nourishing meals at the local community hospital where he works. Rick and his team serve over 350 meals, three times per day, to those actively battling the virus so that they have the fuel and stamina to continue on!

At the hospital’s café and tray line, employees are able to eat for free thanks to funding from a federal grant and the outpouring of generosity from local restaurants and community members who have rallied together and donated food in large amounts. It’s said that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and it’s the work that Rick is doing to ensure our healthcare heroes are supported and well fed that sustains them as they fight this invisible enemy.

Rick knows better than anyone, that food insecurity can have an enormous affect on those who experience it. Recalling the times when he served Agassiz Village campers in the dining hall, he shared “We feed and feed and feed them until their bellies are full and they’re not afraid.” Because alleviating the anxiety around knowing where your next meal is coming from can be a huge weight that’s lifted. The power of a full stomach and support of a friendly face can have a tremendous impact!

We have the sincerest appreciation for you, Rick and for the lifetime of service you’ve given to others. Thank you for all that you do for the healthcare workers in your community and for your everlasting commitment to Agassiz Village!


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