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Alumni Spotlight: Chris Green

Chris has been a part of the Agassiz Village legacy for a long time now. From starting as a camper in 1981, as he grew he also held many other integral roles at camp. These include being a CIT/Dining Hall Worker ('84-'85), Indian Section Counselor ('89-'91), Assistant Waterfront Director in '91, Arts and Crafts Director in '94, as well as Assistant Camp and Program Director in '97! It’s safe to say that Chris has helped shaped what our beloved camp is today!

Now, he continues his mission to help our city’s youth as a Clinical Social Worker at the Institute for Health and Recovery in Cambridge, MA, as their Adolescent Trauma Specialist. Normally he provides in-person trainings to staff members at Youth and YA programs throughout the state, but since the pandemic hit, he’s adapted his trainings to present on Zoom. Since the transition to online, he’s facilitated a statewide training on Introduction to Trauma-Informed Treatment with Adolescents to over 40 providers. He’s also been hard at work creating online training modules, which will be available on the IHR’s website for free later this spring.

Many providers in the social work field are struggling to support their high-risk clients while social distancing, and the impact of job loss, being forced to isolate, and becoming a “home-schooling principal” all while meeting normal job expectations is absolutely immense. There is a great concern about the rise of child abuse reports, substance and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence within vulnerable families that need support. But even during this crazy time, the training, resources, time, and expertise Chris has been able to share has helped make a difference to many.

Looking on the bright side of things, Chris shared some positivity with us: “This experience has actually been very rewarding. I'm exhausted at the end of the day, but I love helping my two kids learn. Much more time to go on ride bikes, walk the dog, play card and board games, and support them connecting to their friends remotely. I feel like I'm in a better position to support the kids, my wife, and her family as well.”

Thank you Chris, for all of the amazing and tireless work you’re doing to help those in your community who need it most. We are so proud to have you as a member of the Agassiz family!


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