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Agassiz Village Partners with Global Atlantic to Spread Holiday Cheer

Looking to spread holiday cheer in a year consumed by COVID-19, Agassiz Village teamed up with Global Atlantic Financial, to provide holiday gifts to over 40 families in need of some spirit lifting this year.

“Thank you Agassiz Village and Global Atlantic. This year has been very difficult financially and emotionally. These gifts will help us to have a better Christmas for our children,” said an Agassiz Village parent.

Global Atlantic Financial employees were given the first name and age of the child along with a small list of items the child wished for this Christmas. The Global Atlantic employees in the greater Boston area purchased the items and then Agassiz Village staff wrapped all of the items and delivered them to families before Christmas.

“We are so appreciative of our partners at Global Atlantic for going above and beyond to support families in need this holiday season. Thank you for making Christmas so much brighter for so many,” said Agassiz Village’s Executive Director, Lisa Carter.

Next year Agassiz plans to continue this holiday tradition and we hope to provide for even more families in 2021.


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