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Agassiz Village is Holding Our First Ever Food Drive

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countless businesses, organizations, and people around the world. But those who are most vulnerable and families who are experiencing food insecurity, are in need of extra support now more than ever. Children who relied upon their schools to provide them healthy meals, now find themselves without this much needed resource since the country was urged to quarantine in order to contain the outbreak. Parents who have lost their source of income as a result, are struggling to provide for their families, and those who have jobs in essential fields are left without childcare that would have been supplemented by the traditional school day and after school programs.

Many times when a camper first arrives at Agassiz, it is also the first time they've had three healthy meals a day that they know they can depend upon. The uncertainty surrounding food in their daily lives is alleviated while at camp, and those same campers also depend on meals provided by their school during the academic year. Now, with one source of food no longer available to them and fears of potentially not being able to attend in-person camp this summer, the need for food security is absolutely vital.

Agassiz Village has decided to take action and hold our very first food drive in response to this critical need.

Our year-round staff will be collecting nonperishable food donations at the office in Lexington, MA and distributing them to the families we know are most in need. Certain items can be purchased online and shipped directly to Agassiz through our Amazon Food Drive Wishlist. For donations that are purchased in-person, a contactless drop-off can be arranged.

While everyone may be feeling the affects of scarcity during this time, those who are already under-privileged are being impacted the most. Next time you brave the grocery store aisles, consider adding some additional pantry staples to your cart that you know a family in need could also use.

For any questions, to arrange a donation drop-off, or if you'd like to volunteer to make and distribute care packages, please contact Agassiz's Development Coordinator, Micayla Carroll at or 781-860-0200 x1002.

If you and your family need food assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Agassiz is here for you!


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