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Starting a Facebook Fundraiser for Agassiz Village


As a nonprofit organization, charitable donations - whether large or small - make it possible for us to carry out our mission every day. Thank you for your support and for your interest in learning about how you can use Facebook Fundraising to generate contributions to Agassiz Village! Facebook Fundraisers are an easy way to support AV kids - keep reading to find out more, and reach out to use with any questions. 

How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser for Agassiz Village

1. Use this quick link to create a new Facebook Fundraiser for Agassiz Village.

2. Enter a deadline and a fundraising goal - we suggest $1620, the cost of tuition for one camper to attend Agassiz Village.

3. Write a fundraiser description - this is where you can share your personal story and ask your family and friends to join you in supporting AV.

4. Complete the last few steps, and your fundraiser is ready to receive donations! 

Facebook Fundraising Tips

  • Spread the word - make sure you share your fundraiser on your timeline, with friends and family, and in Facebook groups you are a part of. Explain why Agassiz Village is important to you and why it would be meaningful for friends and family to donate. 

  • Thank your donors - every dollar counts; make sure you thank your donors for supporting Agassiz Village when they contribute to your fundraiser.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When is a good time to create a Facebook Fundraiser?

You can hold a Facebook Fundraiser anytime, for any occasion, but here are a few ideas:

  • Birthdays are the most common reason to have a fundraiser, and a great way to generate contributions.

  • Alternative wedding registry - ask for contributions to AV in lieu of gifts.

  • In honor of a loved one.

  • Graduations, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Where do donations go?

All Facebook Fundraiser proceeds come directly to Agassiz Village; Facebook does not retain any portion of the donations. 

How do my donors get a receipt?

Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes directly from Facebook. Agassiz Village is unable to provide tax acknowledgement letters for charitable contributions made through Facebook. 

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