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Agassiz Village Summer Staff

“[Agassiz Village] wasn’t ordinary, it wasn’t expected and the camp is not the sort of experience you find on television.  It really is unknown how quickly your life can change by receiving support from people who were strangers on Day 1 but became brothers and sisters by the end of the week or how a [troublesome] camper quickly stole your heart and took it home with them on the bus [back] to Boston.

This summer, I succeeded in Googling the best experience of my life.   Agassiz Village pushed me past limits I didn’t even know I had set up for myself and every little moment piled into a lifelong event.  I’ve learned the only way to find yourself is to dive headfirst into the unknown and absorb every second of the journey.  The unknown has never been so welcoming and I can’t wait to continue this dance with discovery.  Until next time, Agassiz Village, here’s to you.”

 - Kelsey, Cabin Counselor


Who are we looking for?
Agassiz Village offers one of the most challenging and rewarding employment opportunities in a fun, safe and caring environment. We seek motivated people that want to make a positive impact on a most deserving group of young people. Enthusiasm, team work, passion and a desire to mentor youth are keys to a successful summer for our staff.

You will enter with some trepidation and lots of excitement and will leave with a life-time of memories and life-long friends from around the globe.

What is camp like for staff?
Our camp sits on 400 acres of beautiful lake-front property nestled in the woods of Maine. Staff members lead and supervise campers closely 24 hours a day, sharing a cabin, with their fellow counselors and an average group of twelve campers.

To Apply:
Complete the online staff application form (see on the left).  After we receive your application, we will contact you to set up an interview time.

In the meantime, please contact Thomas Semeta at tsemeta@agassizvillage.org or 781-860-0200 if you have any immediate questions or would like to receive more information about summer opportunities at Agassiz Village.

Welcome Back!

We are getting ready for another great summer at Agassiz Village and are happy to see your interest in joining the Agassiz family again this summer.

To Apply:
Complete online application form (see on the left) and we will contact you for a short interview.  

In the meantime, please contact Thomas Semeta at tsemeta@agassizvillage.org or 781-860-0200 if you have any questions or to receive more information.

Summer Staff Positions

Cabin Counselors – Counselors are the core of camp life. Counselors bunk with their campers in our cabins, participate in all activities with them, and ensure that each child's daily needs are met.

Activity Instructors – Activity Instructors lead specific program areas and work with the Program Director to ensure each area meets program goals. Candidates should have a specialized skill and be familiar with developing lesson plans.

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Dance

  • Ropes Course (High & Low)

  • Nature & Outdoor Living Skills

  • Archery

  • Drama

  • Canoeing & Kayaking

Activity instructors also work directly with camper groups outside of program areas when needed.

Lifeguards/Swim Instructors – Lifeguards spend their days at the waterfront and work directly with the Waterfront Director teaching swim lessons and supervising free swim activities. Up-to-date lifeguard certification, including CPR and First Aid is required. Certification classes provided at start of season.

INSTEP Program Trainers –Lead and implement our signature Internship for Staff Training, Education, and Placement program. Work closely with the Teen Advancement Program Coordinator to guide participants through various leadership skills’ workshops while providing guidance and mentoring to participants.

Teen Advancement Program (TAP) Coordinator - directly oversees TAP program and works directly with INSTEP Trainers and Counselors to implement Agassiz Village teen leadership program.

Leadership Staff – Oversee various areas of camp:

  • Director of Teen Leadership Programs oversees both TAP and INSTEP programs: curriculum development and implementation, staff supervision, planning/running INSTEP and TAP workshops, as well as organizing outside presenters;

  • Village Leaders supervise campers and counselors within their sections, organizing and conducting night activities, and maintaining the facilities and supplies in their units;

  • Waterfront Director oversees the lifeguards and ensures that the rules and regulations of the waterfront are followed;

  • Program Director oversees overall programs and scheduling, supervises activity instructors, and coordinates and runs special events.

To Apply:
Go to either New Staff or Returning Staff section above (as applicable). Follow steps indicated there. Complete online staff application form.

Please contact Thomas Semeta, Camp Director, at tsemeta@agassizvillage.org or 781-860-0200 if you have any questions or would like to receive more information about summer opportunities at Agassiz Village.

Summer 2019 Schedule

  • Holy Name School Week: May 28 – 31

  • Leadership Staff Training: June 17 – 21

  • Camp POSTCARD: June 21 – 28

  • Program Staff Training: June 26 – 29

  • AV Staff Training: June 30 – July 7

  • Session 1: July 8 – 19

  • Session 2: July 22 – August 2

  • Session 3: August 5 – August 16

  • AV Staff Departure: August 18