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We all face challenges in our lives, and thankfully most of us have the necessary resources and support to overcome them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for the children we meet every year at Agassiz Village. Our children often have few places to turn-especially in the summer-where they can feel safe, make friends and learn valuable life and leadership skills in a fun environment.

Agassiz Village summer camp is THAT place and your gift WILL change a child's life.

Meet Kayla
"I can't believe how many stars are out at night. You don't even know they exist when you are in the city." Kayla, 2016 camper

Kayla, age 11, currently lives with her grandmother who has had custody of Kayla since she was 3 months old. Her mother, deemed unfit to care for her three children, has more than 20 years of substance abuse. Kayla was born with methadone in her system and required a two-month hospital stay before going "home" to her caring grandmother.

Throughout Kayla's childhood, her mother has made no attempt to contact or visit her, which contributes to her struggles with rejection, abandonment and sadness. Her grandmother had very limited resources, but wanted Kayla to experience a fun, positive environment with her peers.

"I wanted Kayla to have something positive in her life where she could make friends and feel joy and she came back from camp with so much more ... confidence, responsibility and life-long friendships."

Kayla returned from camp with a renewed sense of happiness, a bunch of new friends and an extended AV Family she can depend on.

Kayla's grandmother was able to send Kayla to camp for four weeks because someone cares. That someone can be you!

While the names and faces change over the decades, our values do not. Today, Agassiz Village transports boys and girls from metropolitan environments-often marked by limited resources, stress, and negative challenges-to 400 bucolic acres where they are introduced to quiet wilderness, a pristine lake, endless sunlit summer skies and an awe-inspiring panorama of nighttime stars. They have the opportunity to experience a range of recreational activities from arts and crafts to swimming and boating to high ropes courses within a community that fosters friendship, safety, and self-reliance.
Meet Andrew

"I never swam in a lake before or jumped off a 40-foot tree. It was scary, but I feel so good that I actually did it!" ~ Andrew, 2016 camper

Andrew, age 13, has been living in a Domestic Violence Shelter, along with his mother and his two siblings. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Andrew and his family were forced to seek the safety of the shelter where he had to grow up very quickly. Andrew shares a room with his mom and two siblings. His mother and his social worker wrote that they "hoped camp would be an invaluable experience for Andrew and would give him a chance to get out of the city, explore nature, meet a whole new group of people, and gain some independence from his family."

Andrew was very excited to return from his first year at camp to tell his Mom and siblings all about his experiences. "It was my favorite summer ever!" Andrew wants to join the Agassiz Village Teen Advancement Program (TAP) next year to learn leadership skills and begin mentoring younger campers that share his life experiences.

With your generosity, we can ensure that Andrew has a chance to return to Agassiz Village Summer Camp next year and many years to come.

For more than 80 years, donors like you have helped us change lives.

  • From a foster child who sees Agassiz Village as the one consistent home she can count on;

  • From parents who identify camp as the one place to keep their teen off the streets and safe during the summer while they are working;

  • From the fearful camper who felt a real sense of pride by taking a risk in a safe environment and took the Leap of Faith off a platform 40 feet in the trees.
Social & Emotional Learning

This summer we launched an effort to shine a bright light on the value and power of the Agassiz overnight camp experience through the introduction of a Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative. SEL involves helping kids to grow in five key areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

This is what Agassiz has always been about. By integrating SEL, we are able to capitalize on its clear language, objectives, and approaches in nurturing happy, healthy, kind kids. Additionally, we are able to use the SEL model to provide opportunities for kids to reflect on their growth over the course of their stay at camp.

The development of SEL competencies has been shown to increase a child's likelihood to succeed in school and in community. In fact, the Boston Public School system has recently adopted SEL to enhance student learning and success. Your support ensures campers will have access to an unmatched camp experience with programs and activities that teach these important lessons.
Please help Agassiz Village continue its role as a leader in providing life-changing experiences for thousands of deserving children like Kayla and Andrew.