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Note: Markup Assist also works with Blueprints for AutoCAD.New in 2018Nested Drawing Thumbnails:Move through and organize complex drawings on the fly with new “nested” drawing thumbnails, available as Drawings and Subdrawings tabOpen file size limit on Drawing Thumbnails has been increasedModal dialogs:Make your designs and workflows even more efficient. Modal dialogs help you get back to work quickly by bringing you back to your drawing and highlighting features that are important to you.Revit and Revit MEP:Create intelligent building models and complex MEP systems that are synchronized and understandable in AutoCAD, offering the best of both worlds.PDF Tab:New tab in the PDF options dialog to open or create PDF files, as well as the ability to generate new PDF files from existing AutoCAD files. (video: 3:47 min.)Symbol Style Manager:Change the appearance of your drawings and symbols in just a few clicks. (video: 3:09 min.)3D Modeling:Integrate 3D models into your drawings and analyze your designs more effectively. (video: 1:39 min.)New in 2017Powerful Physical Bounding Box Scaling:Reduce or increase objects up to 10x within a bounding box to control their size, from millimeters to kilometers. (video: 1:21 min.)New in 2016New Object-Level Snapping with the Snapping Commands:Easily snap 2D objects together to form 3D shapes and vise versa.The Snapping Manager offers more control over the default snapping behavior:Set Object Snapping Settings: Make default snapping behaviors to only work within certain drawing zones.Move Objects using Snapping: Snapping will move objects when its end point is touched, instead of when the snapping tool is clicked.Enable/Disable Object Snapping: When you specify a different snap type, you can turn off or on snapping for the current drawing session.The Translate tool is also simplified in the Snapping Manager:Use the Snap Type field to set the relative direction and line length to snap to.Use the Line Length field to set the relative line length to snap to.Easily adjust the snap lengths and offsets by using 2be273e24d


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