Agassiz Village
Summer Camp Internship

The Agassiz Village Summer Camp Internship Program assists undergraduate college students in achieving a number of valuable learning objectives. These objectives provide the foundation and framework for learning during your internship experience. You will have the opportunity to apply in practice classroom theory and the concepts you have studied in college.  You will be able to explore theories, ideas, and/or concepts that might be applied in your career area.

Agassiz Village Summer Camp Intern (The Intern) is directly responsible for the overall operation and daily routine of an assigned cabin group or a program area. The Intern ensures Agassiz Village Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum implementation and makes sure that the camp experience of campers is fulfilling and enjoyable. The Intern is responsible for overseeing all activities of the assigned cabin group or a program area and is accountable for the daily needs of it. Some skills you will have the chance to develop include: handling a variety of situations simultaneously; behavioral management; organizing or analyzing data, improving teamwork, writing, and speaking abilities.

You will have the opportunity to develop personally. You will learn to deal with pressure, tension, and praise in work relationships, as well as in mentoring relationships where you will serve as mentor to young children in a summer camping environment. It is important to understand how to communicate knowledge to strangers, supervisors, children and peers. You will hone your ability to be aware of when to speak and when to listen.

During your internship, you will also have an opportunity to observe the personal style of supervisors and colleagues. This observation will assist is providing you with clear examples of leadership styles that either promote good working relationships or hinder a productive work environment. Moreover, this observation will inform you as you transition to the world of work.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to assess social emotional learning and growth of the young children and adolescents you work with during their summer camping experience. Many of the children will begin their summer camping experience resistant to the growth opportunities. You will work to facilitate their transformative experience by learning to engage, encourage and nurture these children.

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • Experience in work and/or play interaction with children is a plus;
  • Excellent verbal communications skills;
  • Ability to commit to the entire summer season;
  • Show strong interest in motivating children and youth to effective action;
  • Be able to work as a team member;
* This internship position will be contingent on successful completion of position-specific application and interview, and clear national criminal and sex-offender background check.

The Intern shall:

  1. perform all essential duties of the assigned position*, act as a role model in all aspects of camp and be expected to be fully and actively engaged with campers at all times while on duty;
  2. implement daily Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum components: conduct self-reflection session with campers, assist campers with completing self-assessment forms as scheduled, ensure SEL self-assessment forms are turned in on time, and complete daily campers behavior logs.
  3. work together as a team with the other staff in your cabin and village, creating a trustworthy, fun and enjoyable environment;
  4. act as a responsible member of the camp community both in and outside of the camp environment during periods of employment;
  5. participate in staff and other meetings, such as in-service training and staff development and orientation activities;
  6. perform all other duties as assigned.

* Position-specific description of duties and responsibilities will be discuss during the interview and application process.

AV Summer Internship Packet - use this link to download the full Agassiz Village Summer Internship Packet (pdf format).