Internship for Staff Training, Education, and Placement Program


Greetings from Agassiz and congratulations on being invited to apply for INSTEP Program 2019!  We think this program would be a good fit for you.  Please be sure to read all information below and let us know if you have any further questions.

INSTEP is a 4-week internship program for a select group of 15-17 year-old teens seeking hands-on leadership skills training and potential future employment with Agassiz.  The program is focused on personal and group leadership skills development as well as job skills training.  Because of that, an application, reference, and interview process are parts of the acceptance to the program.  INSTEP Program is also tuition-free.  Additionally, each participant will also receive an educational scholarship upon successful completion of the program (the amount of the scholarship will be based on performance).

Program Dates 2019:

Group 1*: Monday, July 8 - Friday, August 2. (Attendance of all 4 weeks of the program is mandatory.)
      * January - May, 2019: mandatory monthly meetings

Group 2: Monday, July 22 - Friday, August 16. (Attendance of all 4 weeks of the program is mandatory.)

Week 1 – Individual Challenges
This week focuses on Developing Character through promoting TRUE values (Trust, Responsibility, Understanding, and Empathy – Self-Awareness & Social Awareness of SELs). Participants challenge themselves and bond with their group through a week of activities and workshops.

Individual Challenge week is designed around the following goals:
• Challenge each individual by pushing them outside of their comfort zones and encouraging them to expand their horizons physically, mentally and emotionally.
• Create and forge relationships, bringing the INSTEP participants together as a team.

Week 2 – Group Challenges
This week focuses on Developing Skills through promoting TLC values (Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication – Self-Management & Responsible Decision Making of SELs). The team learns new skills based on their interests and then share these skills with camp. This week is also the start of our Camp Capital Community Service Project Initiative where INSTEP participants work as a group to identify, plan and implement a community service project at the camp. Teams of INSTEP participants present their project to a panel of professionals to secure funding and advice on project implementation (similar to the television show “Shark Tank”).

Group Challenge week is designed around the following goals:
• Developing the ability to work with people and as part of a team to succeed, and
• Starting to create the building blocks of young leaders through various skill-building workshops.

Week 3 – Agassiz Village Challenge
This week focuses on Developing Members of Staff where each INSTEP participant joins the staff as Junior Counselors (JCs). Lessons learned in the first two weeks are re enforced through real-world experience.

Agassiz Village Challenge week is focused on the following goals:
• Developing participants’ skills as a counselor and further engaging their interest in becoming a productive member of the Agassiz Village staff in future years.
• Understanding how camp functions and the responsibility and resources needed to run a large-scale overnight summer camp operation.

Week 4 – Young Leaders Challenge
This week focuses on Developing Members of Society through workshops on gender equality, politics, race, and disability, as well as career-oriented topics. This is a time for participants to reflect on all prior lessons and activities to examine how their INSTEP experience can apply to new experiences within the camp setting, as well as in school, in community and in life. Self-assessment and staff input are emphasized during this week.

Participants also use this week to implement their Camp Capital Initiative project. The week concludes with the INSTEP Program Graduation Ceremony.

Young Leaders Challenge week is focused on the following goals: • Developing participants as young and socially aware members of society.
• Bringing together all that has been learned through personal, team and staff challenges.
• Assessing final workshops and culmination of working on the TRUE and TLC values.

To Apply

Step 1: Complete the application form on the left.

Be sure to complete each section as fully as possible.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Step 2: After we review your application, we will contact you to set up some time for an interview.

Step 3: After your interview, you will receive a reference form to forward to your references (you will need 3 references to complete your application process).


After the above steps are completed and your references confirmed, we will contact you with the acceptance information.


In the meantime, please contact Camp Director at 781.860.0200 or if you have any further questions.