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Junior Board

Agassiz Village is looking for enthusiastic young professionals who want to learn, network, and help us thrive! 

What is the Junior Board? 

The Junior Board is comprised of young professionals who wish to serve as champions of Agassiz Village through logistical and hands-on support, development activities, and strategic planning. Participation in the Junior Board affords members the extensive opportunity to engage in nonprofit management, fundraising, volunteering, and community relations. The Junior Board offers excellent networking and professional opportunities with other like-minded individuals who want to further the mission of AV, including Board members.

What is the time commitment expected of Junior Board members? 

We ask that Junior Board members make at least a one-year commitment. 


We expect the monthly time commitment to be 3-5 hours per month, depending on your level of activity and engagement. The Junior Board plans to meet six times a year, and we expect members to attend at least four out of the six meetings. 

What are the goals and duties of Junior Board Members? 

Junior Board members are champions of AV through logistical and hands-on support, development activities, and strategic planning. Below are some specific commitments we expect of members: 


  1. Attend at least 4 out of 6 Junior Board meetings 

  2. Volunteer at (1) Junior Board event  

  3. Commit to a $500/$1,000 give or get in the fiscal year 

  4. With AV's long-term vision in mind, make and cultivate (1) strategic introduction for AV

  5. Contribute to at least one AV fundraising events – Golf Tournament, Maine Course, Alumni Weekend

  6. Introduce AV to 1 new corporate, individual, or foundation prospect   

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