Join us at the Maine Course Chef's Event May 1st

Third Annual Maine Course Event! Join us for a fabulous night of cocktails, fine food & fun to support Agassiz Village Summer Camp.
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Agassiz Village was founded over 80 years ago to give children the opportunity to escape the hardships of their daily lives. 


While we welcome all children ages 8-17, we focus on underserved children in the greater Boston area.



Our programs are an investment in the future to enable children that need our help the most to reach their full potential.


We seek genuine, self-motivated individuals with the skills and spirit to make a difference in the lives of children who we serve. 

Here abounds the health and happiness of growing things.
Here are built sound roads from adolescence to adulthood,
from the individual to society. This is Agassiz Village!
Harry E. Burroughs, Founder, Agassiz Village

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